Photos taken May 6, 2002

Goblin and Phantom

Goblin and Phantom

Goblin and Phantom Goblin and Phantom
Goblin on left - A Grey Cockatiel Born March 23, 2002 Phantom on right - An Albino Cockatiel Born March 9, 2002
Goblin and Phantom Punkin and Ghost
Two will have each other for company. Oops, better make that four :) Punkin and Ghost too!
Punkin and Ghost Punkin and Ghost
Punkin and Ghost, we fell in love with them too. Both hatched March 23, 2002, same as Goblin.

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Ghost - Lutino - Whiteface (Albino) Cockatiel
Goblin - Our Normal Grey Cockatiel
Phantom - Our Lutino - Whiteface (Albino) Cockatiel
Punkin - Our Lutino Yellowface Cockatiel

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