Our Baby Ducorps
Daisy Mae, a female Ducorps Cockatoo, was hatched July 8, 2002, and came home to live with us on November 15, 2002. She was bred at the Avicultural Breeding and Research Center (ABRC) in Loxahatchee, Florida. There is little information on this wonderful species and these pages were intended to show the development of a baby Ducorps.

Our deepest thanks to Terry at ABRC for all of her helpful and always courteous assistance and much gratitude to Kerry for her loving care of the babies there. Extra special thanks to Kerry for taking all the great watching our baby grow pictures!
Watching Daisy Mae Grow

If you are an owner, breeder or just interested in Ducorps, please join the rare-cocka2 discussion group. This cockatoo list is devoted to the rarer species of Cockatoos. If you own, breed or are just interested in learning more about the rarer breeds then please join our group. In general these species are (but not limited to) the Major Mitchell's (Leadbeater's), the Ducorps, the Gang Gang, the Palm, the Red-Vented, the Red-Tailed Black and the Slender-Billed. Discussion of your other birds is allowable.

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