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In Loving Memory:
Beege, Our Very Special British Shorthair, 11 years old.
Passed May 12, 2002. Sleep with the angels our loved one.
Zak Zak
Zak, Our Loving Dalmatian, almost 2 years old! He loves to sleeps with us.

Zak Corky and Cheeky
Zak, napping at nine months old. Corky & Cheeky, Our Chihuahuas at six years old.

Sheena Charlie
Sheena, Our Aussie and Zak's buddy, almost 3 years old! Charlie, about 11 years old.

Suki, a mixed longhair cutie pie.

In Deepest Loving Memory
Dante Dollie
Dante, passed 2001 due to a stroke, Dollie's dear friend. Dollie, Our Aussie, the Grand Old Gal passed May 4, 2002.

Dollie and Dante were so close to our hearts that it pains us to write about them. They came with our house since the former owners were relocating to the "city" and they had been born and raised on the ranch. Both "patrolled" the property making sure that all was well, watching over the horses, ducks, chickens and other critters and they did regular rounds of a great amount of the property.

Dante and Dollie, So Close to Each Other Always
When we lost Dante due to continual strokes, Dollie continued her rounds alone, never bonding with any of our other dogs but her heart was heavy, she was grieving and she never got over his loss. She died peacefully in her sleep after having done her morning patrol rounds. We will never forget these two very special, loving dogs who truly captured our hearts forever. Their spirits will always live in "Our Acres."


Dippy, Sweet, Loving Golden, passed 2001 due to cancer.

Magic Magic

Magic - May 21, 1975 to May 20, 2003
Magic - a handsome, big Tennesse Walking Horse whose registered name was Allen's True Spirit. We bought him in 1986 as a gelding. He certainly was always spirited and not everyone could ride him without him crow-hopping them off. He will be very sorely missed by us and by his girlfriend, "Honey Bee", who had always been by his side.
Flash Flash

Flash - Apr 27, 1975 to Nov 08, 2003
Flash - a handsome, big Tennesse Walking Horse. We bought him in 1987 as a gelding and we were about his fifth home in his short life at that time. He was so very gentle and had a wonderfully smooth ride. He loved food so much that he went after anything green in color :) We will miss him very much.

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